European Studies’ Platform for Sustainable Development

European Studies’ Platform for Sustainable Development (EuroStudies Platform) is a non-governmental organization, which unites Ukrainian university professors, teachers and researchers practicing European Studies in different fields of sustainable development, particularly in economics, environmental protection and social/public health issues.

The EuroStudies Platform sees its mission in broad and effective implemention of European Union experience in sustainable development into Ukrainian universities’ teaching courses and research, and consequently into all spheres of socioeconomic life of the country. The EuroStudies’ Platform team realizes that both Eurointegration and sustainable development approaches are critically important for successful economic reforms and social transformation of Ukrainian society. And a key role of universities in these processes through high quality education, as well as through close interaction with national policy makers and civil servants will be supported and enhanced by EuroStudies Platform activities.

Currently, the EuroStudies Platform is carrying out next activities:

  • systematic meetings of the team members and on-line coordination of relevant European Union Studies’ activities in team members’ universities;
  • support and promotion of European Union approaches on sustainable development among Ukrainian university professors, researchers and students, who are not specialized in sustainable development (e.g. support of the International Summer School “Sustainable Food Production and Consumption in the European Union: Challenges for Ukraine”, Kyiv, Ukraine, June 7-8, 2018);
  • promotion of Erasmus+ programme and Jean Monnet activities among Ukrainian university professors and researchers, who are not involved into the programme yet (e.g., coordination of a Working Group on preparation of Erasmus+ project proposals, Kyiv, National University of Food Technologies, started in October 2018);
  • promotion of relevant interdisciplinary research, academic publications and participation of the team members in relevant scientific conferences and meetings;
  • presentation and dissemination of the Association activities through the website of the EuroStudies Platform.

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Project "Enhancing European Union Studies and Research on Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Ukrainian Universities"

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