European Studies’ Platform for Sustainable Development


The European Union is the global leader in sustainable development during decades, and current Europe 2020 Strategy is a bright example how the EU meets economic challenges and becomes stronger due to knowledge-based, environmentally friendly and socially inclusive economic growth. And this experience of the EU is crucially important for modern Ukraine, which is going through a challenging period of socioeconomic transformations.


And Ukrainian universities may play a significant role in effective transformation of the society both due to proper education of a new generation of professionals and due to effective interaction with policy makers and civil servants. To support this approach, European Studies’ Platform for Sustainable Development (EuroStudies Platform) was conceived by voluntary professors and researchers from leading Ukrainian universities.


The EuroStudies Platform provides a legal umbrella for all-national Association of Ukrainian professors and researchers in European Studies on sustainability.


EUforUA project


Jean Monnet Support of Associations
Project "Enhancing European Union Studies and Research on Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Ukrainian Universities"

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